Our Heritage

Mr. Jong Iam Sae-Sow tested and developed many formula of fish sauce. From the outside, he looked for a unique taste, a fascinating aroma and first grade quality.

He distributed “Louk Yod” Fish Sauce on the east coast of Thailand. This brand was rapidly accepted and growth was fast largely due to the high quality that results from natural fermentation.

In 1951, the 2nd generation, Mr. Rungroj Kedsavapitug established “Sow-Tung-Zun-Lhee” Fish Sauce Factory in Rayong.

In 1974, he brought together his team; they have successfully combined the finest ingredients, the best of traditional knowledge and modern manufacturing expertise.
In 1999, the 3rd generation, Mr. Yoswat Mayteesirasak changed the company name to Rungroj Fish Sauce Co., Ltd. He has developed new business via a strategy of global expansion.

Since 2000, Rungroj has launched new brands; Top Kitchen, Jaws, Wang Kaew, Louk Yod and Saiton Louk Yod.

We are currently supplying to more than 65 clients in 24 countries worldwide; such as United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, South Africa, and ASEAN Countries.

 Our Values



 Our Vision
Every household around the world consuming our products.

 Our Mission
To develop new customers, build strong business relationships; expand our distribution base and sales excellence through exciting marketing activity.

 Our Commitment
To offer top grade products maintain excellent quality, to support our customers, and to supply highly marketable sauces.

To provide customer’s satisfaction
We believe that long-term satisfaction is the corner stone of our success. We always strive for perfection in every aspect, from product quality through delivery performance and competitive pricing..

To meet future market demands
We continuously look at match market trends and demands around the world.

Commit to develop innovative products
We never cease to increase our expertise and to develop our products, offering breadth and depth to our range. We welcome the challenge of pursuing new opportunities around the world.